Configuring your Site in Smart FTP Print

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To configure your site in Smart FTP, first you need to open the application and then follow this guide.

1. To create a new connection to your server, click 'File', then 'New Remote Browser'

2. In the 'Host' field, enter the IP address for your site

Note: This will either be or the IP address supplied by your web host to use until your site DNS has fully propagated.

3.Enter the username and password provided to you by your web host in the 'Username' and 'Password' fields.

Note: We recommend that you use the default settings for the other fields.

4. Click 'OK' to go to your new site on the server.

5. To edit your site, click 'Favourites' then 'Edit Favourites'

6. In the Folders pane, click the folder containing your site.

7. In the right hand pane, right click your site and select 'Properties'.

8. When you have completed your changes, click 'OK'

9. To delete a site, highlight it and click 'Delete'

10. Confirm the deletion in the pop-up by clicking 'Yes'

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