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To configure your site in Cute FTP, first you need to open the application and then follow this guide.

1. Click on the 'Site Manager' icon on the toolbar.

Note: This is usually the first icon on the left.

2. To create a folder for your new site, right click on 'General FTP Sites' and select 'New Folder' and enter a name for the folder.

3. To create a new site to go into the folder, click 'New' at the bottom of the screen and give the site a name.

Note: As this is for your reference only you can use any format you like.

4. In the 'FTP Host Address' field, enter the IP address for your site

Note: This will either be or the IP address supplied by your web host to use until your site DNS has fully propagated.

5. Enter the username and password provided to you by your web host in the 'FTP site Username' and 'FTP site Password' fields.

6. Click 'Exit' and your site is ready.

7. To edit your site, click on the 'Site Manager' icon on the toolbar.

8. Ensure that the site you wish to edit is highlighted and then click 'Edit'

9. In the 'Default Remote Directory' you can specify the directory you wish to open when connecting to your site.

Note: The correct name for your root directory will have been provided by your host and will usually be public_html, httpdocs or www.

10. In the 'Default Local Directory' you can specify the folder on your PC where your web files are stored.

11. Once you have finished editing your site, click 'OK' to save the changes.

12. To delete a site, right click the site in question and select 'Delete', confirm the deletion in the pop-up box and the site will be deleted.

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