Changing the Control Panel Password Print

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To change your Control Panel password, first you will need to login to your cPanel account and then follow this guide.

1. Click on the 'Change Password' icon, which can be found in the Preferences section of your cPanel home screen.

2. In the 'Old Password' field, enter your existing password, (the one you use to log into cPanel).

3. In the 'New Password' field, enter your new password.

Note: Please read the notes below the fields for advice on selecting and securing your password.

4. In the 'New Password (again)' field, re-enter your new password to confirm it.

Note: You will see the strength of your password below, if you are unable to think of a secure password, we suggest that you click the Password Generator button and use its suggestion.

5. Click the 'Change Password' button to save it and update your account.

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